Saturday, 19 November 2016

Traditional Quilting Class & Blocks

Hi All, Back in May of this year, my mom and I took Kathy Shaw's Traditional Quilting Class.For both of us we were really thrilled with taking this class and learning how to make several various patchwork and pieced blocks.My mom decided she would turn her blocks that she made from the class into mug rugs,while I decided I would turn my blocks into a small wall hanging for my bedroom/sewing room.

A few weeks ago at the end of October, my mom and I signed up for Kathy's for her new traditional quilting class TQC-202  Additional Piecing Techniques.The class has you make nine 12'' blocks into individual place mats or into a larger quilt.So far my mom has finished all of her blocks and will be turning some of them into individual placemats an a few of them into a 4 block wall hanging with sashing in between the block.So far I have 5 blocks finished and only 4 more blocks to go.I'm hoping to have all the rest of the blocks finished by Thanksgiving.As for me I will be turning all of my blocks into a wall hanging  with the darting minnows sashing in between  the blocks.Below are some of the blocks my mom and I both made from this class.Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie

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