Friday, 3 March 2017

Our Quilting Journey Magazine Spring 2017 Issue

Hi Ladies, I just wanted to let everyone know  that the Spring 2017 Issue of Our Quilting Journey Magazine is now available on Magcloud. Thank you to all those quilters who contributed to this wonderful issue.To order your copy please visit
Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Twisted Star Block

Hi All,hope you and your families had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.Over the weekend I have been really busy working on putting my quilt top together with the blocks I have made from Kathy Shaw's latest Traditional Quilting Class while I was waiting for my mom to finish sewing her quilt top,so I can quilt it for her.Hope everyone has a creative day.Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

I got some really exciting news and 3 more blocks finished

Hi All, I have got some really exciting news to share.I will be taking over for Kathy Shaw on the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2017. Registration for the Journal Project will be open November 22,2016 and will close on December 28,2016.If you are interested in participating in this upcoming years Crazy Quilt Journal Project and to register please visit CQJP2017 .The last couple of days I have been working on more of my blocks from Kathy Shaw's new Traditional Quilting Class.I only 1 more block to go,which I will be working on sometime tomorrow.I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving.Hope everyone has a creative day.Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Traditional Quilting Class & Blocks

Hi All, Back in May of this year, my mom and I took Kathy Shaw's Traditional Quilting Class.For both of us we were really thrilled with taking this class and learning how to make several various patchwork and pieced blocks.My mom decided she would turn her blocks that she made from the class into mug rugs,while I decided I would turn my blocks into a small wall hanging for my bedroom/sewing room.

A few weeks ago at the end of October, my mom and I signed up for Kathy's for her new traditional quilting class TQC-202  Additional Piecing Techniques.The class has you make nine 12'' blocks into individual place mats or into a larger quilt.So far my mom has finished all of her blocks and will be turning some of them into individual placemats an a few of them into a 4 block wall hanging with sashing in between the block.So far I have 5 blocks finished and only 4 more blocks to go.I'm hoping to have all the rest of the blocks finished by Thanksgiving.As for me I will be turning all of my blocks into a wall hanging  with the darting minnows sashing in between  the blocks.Below are some of the blocks my mom and I both made from this class.Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie

A Personal Note

Hi Ladies, One of my fellow crazy quilting friends, Pam Kellogg who is also helping me as a Creative Consultant on Our Quilting Journey Magazine has been hit with some really bad news recently and has fallen on hard times. Please when you get the chance go and read Pam Kellogg's Blog Post and lend a hand if you would like to.Hope everyone has a creative day.Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Recent Projects

Hi! My mom and I recently took a Shadow Applique Santa Online Class from Kathy Shaw.My mom made her's into a small wallhanging while I made 2.My first one I turned into a machine appliqued Santa wallhanging for my sewing room and the other one I did as the Shadow Applique for a small wallhanging for the living room.All of them turned out really lovely.Hope everyone has a creative day.Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie

Been A Busy Creative Year So Far

Hi All, I can't believe it is almost the middle of November already,and the year has flown by so fast this year.It has been a very busy and creative year so far and in my first post I will be posting just some of the many crazy quilting projects that I have made so far this year.In the next few posts I will be posting other quilting projects that I have also worked on this year.
This past spring I got to participate in the Extended Seam Challenge on Crazy Quilt International along with submit and entry for the Special Holiday Issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine.
Even though I didn't win the seam challenge I was very happy with the way my entry turned out.The seam treatment is one that I designed out and used in one of the blocks that I've worked on for Kathy Shaw's Crazy Quilt Classes.
My entry that I made and was recently published in the Holiday Issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine was one of my own crazy quilt block designs.The block itself was 8 1/2 square and I turned it into a finished pillow that measures aprox 14'' square.The details and techniques I did on the block really took me out of my comfort zone and I'm relatively new to crazy quilting. My favorite aspects of the block are the detail work on did on the santa image in the center and the bead embroidery.Below are the closeup pictures of the block and a picture of the finished pillow.The Special Holiday Issue of Crazy Quilt Quarterly Magazine is also now available off of Magcloud. To order your copy of the issue please visit

In June, I was lucky enough to participate in the Crazy Quilt International Summer Challenge 2016.The theme for the challenge was a Crazy Quilted Heart which the template and pattern was provided by Wilma Van Wagensveld.For my entry I decided to do mine as a love of sailing, and turn it into a pillow.A few weeks before I began my entry for the challenge, my family and I got to go out on our boat and watch one of the many races in our annual Long Island Sailing Regatta.While I was out there I got to take some nice pictures of the boats that we in the race.One of my favorite photos that I took was one that had 3 of my favorite boats that race in it, the Running Tide and Rough Justice from Long Island and The New Courageous from Ragged Island. I decided to use that picture as the center silkie image for the pillow. Once I sized the picture down and print it onto a good quality cotton fabric, I was able to sew and put the block together.For my embroidery work on the block I decided to continue the nautical idea and embroider sailing boats and other things that fit the idea along with adding seam treatments that framed the block nicely.I'm really happy with the way my entry turned out and it wound up placing 4th in the Beginner category.Happy Quilting.Hugs Katie